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4 tips to get ready for your wedding

It’s just one day and it your day! Every bride wants to look their best on the most important day of their lives, and so they should too! Your Wedding Make-up Artist can ensure you look beautiful but there are just a couple of steps you can do to make sure you are truly radiant with a natural glow on the big day.

1. In the lead up drink plenty of water! Yes, it really does help boost your skin and give you a dose of hydration! Even if you suffer with oily skin, like me, you will more than likely still have dehydrated skin because dry skin and dehydrated skin is totally different. Oh, and guess what, if you do have oily skin and it’s dehydrated you skin will actually produce more oil to try and combat the dehydration! So in the weeks leading up drink los of water, and more if you also drink caffeinated drinks too! If you find water a bit boring try jazzing it up with mint, lemon or cucumber!

2. You know that natural glow that you see in the magazines? When the models and celebs just look luminous? Well apart from a professional make-up artist this is also down to exfoliation! I’d suggest using a light exfoliation product in the lead up to the big day that will remove dead skin but not over sensitise the skin. The right exfoliant will buff and smooth skin which will ensure your make-up will absorb, sit well and last. This is why before applying make-up I always use a Dermalogica exfoliant that will brighten and offer a luminous finish to the skin.

3. If you are super serious about glowing then treat yourself to a face mask. I would recommend Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Recovery. This mask is a Hollywood favourite! Even Victoria Beckham has been caught calling it ‘a little ambulance in a tube’. It’s packed with antioxidants vitamins to boost with hydration and suppleness. While botanicals help recover, soothe and calm pre-wedding stressed skin.

4. Diet, its so difficult in a lead up to a wedding but try to eat a healthy balanced diet. It might not be much fun but just think about your big day. Cut out caffeine where possible so your body can really rid those toxins!

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