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Make up worth investing in…

I am often asked which products are worth investing in and which you can go a little cheaper with and its quite a difficult question.

I have been doing make up for about 12 years. I started off doing fashion and editorial and then spent the last 10 years doing bridal and wedding make up. In my time the industry of make-up artistry has changed A LOT! But, also so have the products on offer. Years ago I feel like buying quality really did make the difference, the ingredients used meant the longevity of the make-up, especially when doing bridal make-up. However, in recent years like many other industries the more competitively priced products have massively upped their game! They are now able to create cheap products while still using quality ingredients for a flawless finish.

I do still use quality products in my bridal make-up kit and don’t use much of the high street brands but to be honest it’s no longer a case that I couldn’t use them, its more just because brides deserve the best.

Obviously there are some exceptions to the rule but generally this is my make-up worth investing in…

Skin Care

I am a massive advocate of skin care! No face wipes don’t cut in! you need a proper routine and its worth getting decent stuff. I love Dermalogica (I also used to work for them and look after their make-up artist programme) but they can be pricey. A new personal favourite for me is Th Ordinary, its super cheap and the ingredients are brilliant!


Foundation is quite literally the foundations to your make up! I like to spend a little more on foundations because cheaper products can use ingredients that will cause breakouts or induce oil so I like to get good quality.

Face Powders

Face powders including highlighters, blushers etc I would say you can get these really reasonably now. I think this is something that has developed over the past few years. My go to palette used to be a MAC one but I have to be honest now I am loving a cheap Revlon one. The pigments are great, they probably need a tad more blending than the MAC. But for the cost difference I can't complain!

Eye shadows

I think providing you prime you eyes and take the right steps before you can get these so reasonably now and there is no need to spend a fortune. Sometimes the high end brands create higher density pigments with more powerful colour, they also can have a different texture so it really is personal preference.


Cheap cheap cheap. I have always bought cheaper eye liners. Some people think cheap smudge too much but I would say you just haven’t done adequate prep. I get through so many of these too and seem to loose them all the time. When I have only paid a couple of quid for one that’s fine but its too painful when they are costing £20+ a go!


Cheap lipsticks and lip liners are absolutely fine. They can stay for the same amount of time and yes they can dry your lips out but you could pay 4 times the price and it will still dry your lips out! The only thing is the higher end brands do tend to have more colours and sometimes stronger pigments. My wedding make-up kit has lipsticks from Channel, Charlotte Tilbury and YSL to Revlon and Rimmel!

This is all my opinion, what do you think?

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