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Tips from one Bride to another...

As a hair and make up artist I obviously meet a lot of brides and I get asked about Bridezillas, almost every trial I do. Do you get many bridezillers? what are they like? how do you deal with them?

So firstly, I don't get many bridezillas. Fortunately, I would say most of my brides are super chilled and an absolute pleasure to spend the morning with. Myself on the other hand... I definitely sweated the small stuff.

I have been married for 4 years this year and I think where I had been doing wedding hair and make up for so long I just got caught up with some of the little things so here is some advise from a bride and make-up artist...

Don't panic about the weather

No stressing is going to change it. It very rarely rains for a full day and even if it does there is literally NOTHING you can do about it so just embrace it and make the most of it.

People don't notice the small things

People literally don't notice the small things. Nobody will remember the minor details, they will just remember having a good time so just have a good time yourself. Be glowing from the inside out.

If something goes wrong it could be the best memory

Sometimes the things that don't go to plan make the best memories. Somehow our DJ played the wrong first dance song, it was the same artist but the wrong song. We just carried on dancing and pretended it was the right one but laughing in each others ears about it. Since the wedding we have told everybody and it is a massive talking point and we always have a giggle. I feel like we have 2 first dance songs, the original and the improvised!

Enjoy the lead up

Your wedding day is just one day which will be over in a blink. I really think it's important to try and enjoy the lead up to it and everything surrounding your wedding. Like the wedding morning, think of it like the best night out of your life! Enjoy it, play your fave songs and have fun. All these elements will play into your memory of your wedding experience.

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